Title: Quiet, yet mighty and deep

Nature is the best teacher. How many lessons can you learn by just staring at and observing an ocean? Sometimes your strength and beauty lie in your stillness. Other times, you need to roar so the world can witness your brilliance. 

Title: May be this time, you let it go

Yes, your heart is in the right place, and you want to fix things, but sometimes holding onto a few things and trying to repair the damage hurts more than just "letting go!". May God gives us courage to change what we can and wisdom to accept what we can't.

My Piece entitled "Charm"

All of my paintings have a story behind them. Sometimes, I use my art to express what I understand in my mind, while other times it helps me interpret the thoughts going on in my mind. 


I remember the day I painted this piece of my life. I saw a photograph of "a swan so bright in the dark of night" on a random social media page. I couldn't take my eyes off that picture, and it was like that swan in the picture said to me, "If there was a lot of light in the background, you wouldn't be able to notice my grace and shine."


I decided to paint that image, I painted a swan against a black background as a representation of the times I found myself shining when life was very hard. After I finished that, I realized I wasn't alone during those times, so I painted clouds, the moon, stars, and reflections in water to represent amazing friends who were there with me. I named it "Charm." I sold this painting a few months ago, after hesitating for a while because this is not a painting, it's my story, but when I talked to the buyer before selling and mentioned how important this piece is to me, I was happy to hear how much that person appreciated my emotional connection to the painting. I hope that this piece is now in its best place to inspire more stories. 

Title: My Colorful Escape

I have made a few paintings like this before, and I always struggled with painting the depth of the forest. I told myself not to try this style many times, but I kept making colorful forests. It wasn't until I made this painting, I realized every time I am feeling very down, I am driven towards creating an image with all these colors in it. 

I called it my colorful escape!

This is my "Fantasy"

Let's make it clear! I am like a regular girl from the inside—the one who was raised watching Disney movies and dancing Barbies. Little did I know this is not how the real world is, and it's okay. Painting allows me to continue living in my fantasy world. 

My Piece: Existence 

I honestly don't know how this happened. One day, I woke up and had this urge to paint. I stared at my drawer for like 30ish minutes without coming up with an idea. I am a mother and have a full time job. I don't get much free time. I was getting frustrated, but then I picked up some gray paint and started spreading it over my canvas. I liked it, I decided to do something fun and started playing with purple color. After like an hour of playing, this is what ended up happening.

I called it "Existence." I was there at the moment, even though I felt lost. I existed in this form: dancing, flying, dreaming, and just being alive.

All you need is to "Just Believe"

There is nothing more fun for me than painting clouds. As I drive to drop my kids off at school in the morning, I am treated to breathtaking views of the rising sun. Despite my fear of driving on highways, I still do it because I get the best view of all the shades, colors, and reflections. That inspired me to paint clouds in different shades. I have seen grey, purple, and pinkish red clouds in the sky. You can too, if you "just believe."

Nothing is more poetic than the title "Stingray" itself

I have seen stingrays on TV before, but I never realized I would fall in love with this amazing creature until I went to the aquarium and saw the real stingrays. If you sit down and just focus on how it glides across the water with so much grace and finesse, I'm sure I'll be painting more of these pals. Nature is beautiful. One on the upper left is currently having a great time at my friend's house. 

Title: Hope

Cancer is hard, and it is even harder when a child is suffering. The faith and trust of the families of all my patients have amazed me over the years. This is a tribute to the a tiny little person fighting one of the biggest battles on earth. 

Title: Inspiration 

These two paintings represent my mentor. I learned from her how to be kind, hardworking, and a warrior. 

A woman is the most beautiful and fearless creation of God. I am very proud to be one!

Title: I may seem alone but I have "Me"

It is a fact that we came into this world alone and will leave alone. Some of us are lucky to get to enjoy family and friends. Some of them stay with us longer than others. But in the end, all we have is ourselves.

Title: Scars 

These are not the scars covering you. I see the marks of constant struggles, hidden tears, flaming passion, a strong desire to be loved, countless selfless acts, unlimited sacrifices, and an unhampered spirit.

Title: If you see colors in your sky, I call you 'Rich"

This piece was inspired by the view I see on my way to work in the morning. The sky offers the chance to enjoy every shade and color every single day. If you get a chance to witness that in the sky above you, you are blessed, rich, and alive. 

Title: Relentless

Recently, I was diagnosed with ADHD "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder." I have struggled with organization and focusing all my life, and that's why sometimes people around describe me as being "all over the place.". But I see it as a never-ending desire to give. I define it as not paying attention to my own needs and my impulsiveness to run to anyone calling for help.

Title: Delightful site

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. They teach us to look towards the brighter side. I don't think I will ever get bored living in a small place surrounded by fields of sunflowers, reminding me every day to stay positive, humble, kind, and beautiful.

Title: I am the daughter of ocean

I was 25 years old when I saw the ocean for the first time. I felt I was missing an important piece of my life. It called my name and embraced me. The sound, the sight, and the touch all made me realize I had found my soul.

Title: Serenity 

As I mentioned before, I love painting clouds. I made clouds first  and it looked good, but I then added some friends, including mountains and the moon. I was much happier seeing how a beautiful soul surrounded by other beautiful souls can result in a spectacular sight. Try to be around people who boost your energy and bring you the peace you deserve. 

Title: Set free

I come from a very conservative family, where freedom means crossing boundaries. As I get older, I realize every day that freedom actually means setting up boundaries. Drawing a border around your soul which prevents you from being affected by the wrong doings of others. Relying on your own heart to bring you happiness and setting yourself free from seeking approval from others.

Title: Me

You were there when I cried.

You picked me up when I fell

You hugged my soul when I was lost.

You are forever my true love.


You are “Me”. 


The only person who will always be there for you is your own self. 

Love yourself and find peace within your own existence.

Title: Water Lillies, inspired by Monet

As I mentioned before, it was the pandemic time (the summer of 2020) when I started painting as my survival guide. I have no background in art, and I had never participated in any of the extracurricular activities my whole life, like sports, art, or reading. I was raised believing that if you want to become a doctor, you have to focus on only one thing, and that is studying and getting excellent grades in school. It was true to some extent based on the priorities of education systems around the world as well as the fact that there was (and still is) a lot of competition for the very few available seats in medical school.

With all that background, I have little to no knowledge about the legends in the history of art. Recently, I received a request to paint a commission piece. I was given a few paintings made by big names to choose from and paint a similar piece.

I picked a painting of water lilies by Monet. It was then that I started reading about him. I first read about his life and then studied a few of his beautiful art pieces. I then decided to go ahead and give it a try. I made one, and the person who requested me to make it, loved it and bought it. I had so much fun painting water lilies that I made two more the same day.

Title: Desires

There is no limit to what one can desire. Once you desire something, you dream, and once you dream, you work hard to make that dream come true.

Title: Scars 

I asked myself one day, if I meet my younger self, what would she say to me? The only answer I got was "you did good". I made the first painting to represent that feeling when I heard that from my younger self. 

The second painting represents an idea shared by my mentor in a text, mentioning that we are all scarred in different ways.

Title: We are all the same

Why is this world divided? We all wake up under the same sun, breathe the same air, live under one shelter called the sky, and are covered by the same kind of skin. It all depends on whether you see with your eyes or your heart. 

Title: It is very loud in my head 

No I can't focus. I don't know what to do. My thoughts are all over the place and I can't get a purpose right now. 

I played the song from "Matilda" and this piece was created.

And when everyone shouts - they seem to like shouting -
The noise in my head is incredibly loud,
And I just wish they'd stop, my dad and my mum,
And the telly and stories would stop just for once.

I'm sorry - I'm not quite explaining it right,
But this noise becomes anger, and the anger is light,
And its burning inside me would usually fade,
But it isn't today, and the heat and the shouting,
And my heart is pounding, and my eyes are burning,
And suddenly everything, everything is...