As pandemic 2020 affected so many lives, it caused havoc in my brain. Being a physician and a mother was never that difficult before. My desire to go to work in order to help save lives, keep myself protected with limited hospital resources, see the same fear in the eyes of my co-workers, witness the misery of sick patients dying alone in a hospital bed, and postpone trips to see family whom I haven't met in years, all of that was consuming my mind and soul. It was a random day, when there was a virtual resident's retreat where residents got to paint virtually with an artist. I couldn't make it as I was busy with my fellowship interviews, which were done virtually from the call room at the training hospital. After I finished an exhausting day of sitting in front of a computer screen for around 6-7 hours and sharing my passion for infectious disease with around 9 faculty members, I walked into the resident's work room and saw some extra paint brushes, paint colors, and small canvases. I grabbed a few supplies and a canvas and left the workplace having no idea what I would do with all of that. 

A few weeks passed by, and I finally decided to sit down and play with the paint supplies I got. That was the day I found a way to escape reality for a few hours and started using it as my mode of survival. Today, I am creating this website and I'm also about to display my art in a local art store. 

I am now able to visit places, dance, explore nature, see the world in different colors, express my deepest sorrows and joys, and get ready every day to save more lives through my love of art.


On this website, I will share my art work along with my story and thoughts behind each of the painting.